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Top Page Advantage of reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction. What is the reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction? Work procedure.
Quality Control Standard Code and process. The latest, local report list. Fixed automatic gas welding with pressure device for minute thing.
Feature of reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction.
A usual unity line can not be used, the person be reduced on the transportation cost and the site by the thing (The reinforced concrete is cut and the expansion and contraction parts are cut in the unity part in which it unites and even if degree of freedom is given to the part in which it united by the accompanied thing, and an unnecessary load joins, the unity line is not cut) to use the unity line that our company developed, and the term of works be shortened.
Past industrial method Reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction
It previously has the distribution muscle from a material that can be early in the site and the processing place, and the class industrial method is set up on the site general ahead usually.

@It assembles it at the factory.
AIt assembles it at the factory.
BTemporary putting.
CIt sets it up with the crane etc.
@It assembles it at the factory.
ATemporary putting.
BIt assembles it at the factory.
CTemporary putting.
DIt sets it up with the crane etc.
E The mother material destruction happens to do the electric welding etc. to a main stripe etc. to endure the self-respect and the collision when transported when assembling it.
E It cannot change after it assembles it because of a main stripe welding etc.
E The place within the range where a temporary depository on the site is vast is necessary to install it previously.
E The one that is bigger than the carrier of the delivery vehicle cannot be done.
E When welding, the machine such as the welding machines is needed.

E The class is assembled only in the unity line general ahead when assembling it.
(The welding etc. are not used. )
E Because the welding etc. are not used, the mother material is not hurt.
E A temporary depository on the factory and the site is few and it ends because it is possible to put it repeatedly.
E There is neither amount to which the cost of the delivery vehicle transports a usual material nor a change because it can put it repeatedly.
E The material with a big area from the delivery vehicle can be transported in the folded thing.
Reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction Catalog (15KB)
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