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Concept of reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction
Expansion image of unity line
< Unity line where special rubber was used >
It aims at the labor cost reduction in the reinforced concrete construction corresponding to the lowering the cost of the reinforced concrete construction.
It aims at shortening the term of works by the current state with a lot of demands of a severe term of works.
It aims at the exclusion of an impossible, useless, dangerous element of the average of the reinforced concrete construction.
Term of works Because it assembles on the site, and the work of the installation is simplified, the term of works can be remarkably shortened compared with a past industrial method.
(About 1/2 compared with our company.)
Processing The part that becomes possible by adopting the welding patch handiwork method and adjusting the patch person part assembly with the size like the life material, leads to the reduction of the loss material, and is processed decreases.
Working artificial ・It leads to leveling and the reduction of working artificial with the field operation because the majority of assemblies' working at the factory becomes possible.

・Working artificial when working installing the site becomes and work by a fixed member becomes possible a few people in Sumi and each site compared with the past.
Transportation The increase of the load can be measured by folding each material compared with the method of transporting a past factory assembly method and loading it repeatedly.
Quality It becomes work in the factory where the assembly working environment is steady, the unity work such as muscles in the under and middle children can be done easily, a faithful distribution muscle to specifications becomes possible, and the improvement of the quality can be measured.
Temporary housing ・In the basic distribution muscle work, facilities in the stage etc. for assembly the work stand and the load removing become unnecessary the majority.

・Piling it by folding the reinforced concrete assembly material becomes possible, and effective use for a narrow stock yard can be measured on the factory and the site.
Safety ・The majority of small transportation in the site is reduced, cluttered of the reinforced concrete material etc. decrease, and the safety work can be secured.

・The majority of work on the work stand is reduced, and the height work decreases. Moreover, factory C seeing do Ta according to the characteristic of the industrial method and the height adjustment of the material when working becomes possible.
<Notes >
The welded joint or the machine patch person is the best.
Is the unit price of the unity line with special rubber 5 dollars a ton?
It is a range of about 13 dollars.
It converts it for 1 dollar and 117 yen. ( As of March, 2006 )
The installation part is limited in the crane work radius.
(It iron frame assembles and is work and is almost work of this level that the heavy equipment is in order in most work places. )
After assembly, the fingernail bend work is needed because the shape of Starrapp becomes Hiratsme.
The crane use time becomes long from usual site assembly.
(It is extent where use becomes about the first for the unit of one assembly work at half a day.)
The delivery date hangs to manufacture the special rubber unity line in China.
Please inquire in detail.
Reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction Catalog (15KB)
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