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Top Page Advantage of reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction. What is the reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction? Work procedure.
Comparison with conventional construction method. Quality Control Standard Code and process. The latest, local report list. Fixed automatic gas welding with pressure device for minute thing.
Company history
@Trade name @Yanai@Trading CO.,LTD
@Establishment time @September 29, 1987
@Headquarters @810-0074
@1-2-9-703 Chuo-ku ootemon Fukuoka-City Japan
sdkF OXQ|VQO|WVPT@ii`o`mj
e`wF OXQ|VQO|WVPU@ii`o`mj
@Representative director @Taesam Lee
@Work contents @EEngineering works and sales of architectural materials.
@EManufacturing and sales of reinforced concrete unity tool.
@EEngineering works, architectural materials, tile for exterior
@@and interior, and import sales of brick.
@EReinforced concrete construction industry.
@EBusiness concerning dealings of buying and selling of real
@@estate, lease, management, and mediation.
@EEngineering works, mediation of building operations, and
@EBusiness that does incidental relation to each title the former.
@The capital @Five million yen
@Major bank @The Bank of Saga Doi branch
@Main customer@ @Takenaka Komuten Co., Ltd
@Industry Ltd. of Fukuoka reinforced concrete
@Kyoto Spasar Co., Ltd
@Corporate philosophy @It always leaves for the global view and it acts.
@Web production @Hidetoshi Sugiura iround-jj@JAPAN@
Reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction Catalog (15KB)
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