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Top Page Advantage of reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction. What is the reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction?
Comparison with conventional construction method. Quality Control Standard Code and process. The latest, local report list. Fixed automatic gas welding with pressure device for minute thing.
Common matter.( beginning pick up and processing )
The HOOP muscle and Starrapp used by the conventional construction method change welding close type or one of Tsme to 90 bend processings by 135 degrees according to the following because lower Tsme becomes obstructive and it cannot bend the unit united ahead by the reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction neatly though it is Tsme addition processing.
HOOP muscle

( conventional construction method )

( reinforced concrete
Jabara unit construction )
For both fingernails
It is, entrusts a main stripe that hangs to the fingernail to the width stop etc. beforehand, and after it restores it on the site folding, a corner part main stripe is paid to a normal position with the shape of a usual both fingernails.
After it sets it in a prescribed place, the unit of each part : on the construction site.
The pillar and the beam are welded, and after a patch and a not good end are done by the collaboration muscle, the wall and the slab are completed.
( Please click the following. It can see the procedure of each work. )
>> Pillar >> Beam >> Wall and slab

Reinforced concrete Jabara unit construction Catalog (15KB)
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