About Individual Information

In the limited company Yanai trade (hereafter, Yanai trade), it is thought the data that individual information on an individual name, the address, the telephone number, and the E-mail address, etc. offered by the customer through E-mail and the fax, etc. should be brushed off close attention and handled, and operates the strict management under about the collection, preservation, and use.

When it is contracted to the Yanai trade, and it has dealings over the customer, the content of dealings and input individual information are used only the business accomplishment or to serve the Yanai trade and managed.

  • The Yanai trade recognizes assuming that it is important, and is handling of individual information to which privacy should be esteemed. Is concerned, the following policies are decided, and it acts according to it.
  • In the Yanai trade, individual information is never collected to the customer without permission.  Collected individual information is not used for the usages other than the purpose.
  • In the Yanai trade, the management representative of individual information offered from the customer is decided and it manages properly.
  • New information on the commodity and service etc. might be delivered from the Yanai trade.  If a report so can be gotten when it is hoped that the customer comes off from the mailing list for such information, I will delete it from the list.
  • The Yanai trade descends about the protection of customer's privacy and individual information with the best of care. I will not indicate individual information that the Yanai trade collected on the business to the third party without prior agreement excluding the following exceptions.
  • When indication is requested based on the authority provided from the official body such as government and municipal offices to the law.
  • When our company judges it is necessary to protect the right of the Yanai trade or other customers' rights, the profit, honor, and confidence, etc.
  • The link to other sites might be included in the Yanai trade.

The Yanai trade doesn't assume the responsibility for the collection of individual information done on the site of linking ahead and the advertiser and the use.
Please do not know how the site the link ahead and the advertiser handle individual information and inquire directly of the site when there is a doubt.

  • About cookie

When the web screen is inspected, is the cookie Hardodi on the user side from the server of the Web site?It is a mechanism that the user is confirmed by sending a small data file to Sc and the memory.
Information that specifies the individual is not included in the text file that the Yanai trade sends as a cookie.
It is preserved in the cookie only while the screen on the Web site is inspected, and there are the deleted one and the one preserved as long as the deletion procedure is not done if inspection is stopped.
Me of the cookie use it is main having of reading the preserved data file on the Web site side in customer's computer, and can providing with efficient service for the customer who repeats and visits.

Our company chiefly

  • Efficiency improvement of advertising delivery to customer ( advertising delivery )
  • Grasp of customer real number that visits Web site ( traffic investigation )
  • Member confirmation in service for specific member

The cookie is used.

All cookies above-mentioned (1) (2) (3) might be used simultaneously and concurrently according to use while it inspects it for the customer.
Is the customer Bana in the Yanai trade? When the advertisement etc. are clicked, the cookie from the accessed previous advertiser site might be sent to customer's computer.

The use of the cookie on the advertiser site cannot have the responsibility in the Yanai trade because it is done according to the policy of each advertiser.
Please confirm the privacy policy and the explanation concerning the cookie on the Web site of each advertiser.

The privacy policy is assumed to be the one properly updated.