The man-hours spent on rebar assembly at the construction site is greatly reduced by having the rebars assembled in the factory. The construction worker's time can thereby be spent more efficiently and the total construction time can be reduced.

Storage and transportation costs are also greatly reduced since the rebar units made with the J-wire can be folded unlike welded units or units tied with traditional lash wire.


Assembling the rebars at the construction site reduces the amount of heavy and dangerous work at the construction site. Work around openings such as elevator shafts, or work on high altitudes are made safer since it is simply a matter of putting the factory assembled unit into place.


Factory assembly also guarantees an even quality whereas the quality of rebar constructions made entirely at the construction site often wary. Assembly at the factory also allows for the rebar units to be tied more accurately according to the plans than is possible at the construction site.


Watch the video to learn more about the J-wire.