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When the Jabara industrial method is introduced for the first time, is the scale of what site good?
I think that it only has to construct first of all small-scale, to introduce from the base etc. of the iron frame make for instance, and to take it to a big site one by one while confirming the result.
Do it become a decrease of assembling artificial of which place?
The report is undertaken from the special agent when having become a decrease more than about 50% compared with the conventional construction method.
How much is the price of the line of unity a ton when constructing it in the special unity line?
From roughly 5 to about 13 dollars is a standard according to the part, the reinforced concrete diameter or the construction method and the construction company that constructs it though there is a difference.
It converts it for 1 dollar and 117yen. ( As of March, 2006 )
Which place increases to the amount of work of the crane compared with the conventional construction method?
It is enough in the work of about generally 50 ton in a day though the reinforced concrete carrying work of the site is a level at half a day usually.
How many terms of works have been shortened when constructing it by the Jabara unit construction?
Either site also aimed at shortening the term of works of 30 days or more from a usual industrial method in each site all processes though 15 RC make stories were constructed from historical earnings by two houses in 2004 fiscal year.
Neither the general contractor nor the design office easily admit the patch person by the welding. Is it good if it explains like any?
The welder method is an industrial method where the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport admitted A class rating. Moreover, please explain based on various material because the patch person of the PC industrial method and the iron frame construction is the edge patch person if almost.
How many welding parts increase compared with the gas pressure welding when the welded joint is made an edge?
Cawa retreat is not divided by lengthening union Jabarayunit ahead no if the patch person part is devised as decreasing etc. though it tends to increase generally about 20%.
How many reinforced concrete work stand and load removing stage can you decrease?
There is no reinforced concrete receiving trestle for the reinforced concrete work stand and the reinforced concrete independence needing for an underground beam etc. It is enough only in the work stand and the safety passage for minimum facilities concrete placing.
Should be built facilities and the trestle that assembles Jabara unit like any?
When this industrial method is continuously adopted, "KS Mekkemon" that Kyoto Spasar Ltd. puts on the market can be used very effectively though it generally makes with the Bitei work stand and the steel pipe.
Even if the unity line with rubber for Jabara is kept for the period of which place, can elasticity be continued?
Elasticity can be kept for one month or more if it takes care of one's health with the room or the vinyl sheet, etc. when the assembly keeping is done in the processing place in the current experience. It is weak to ultraviolet rays and ozone on the character of rubber and is necessary to take care of one's health.